****Best Quality “Spa” Winter-Light Diagon® Down Comforter – Spa Design, Hungarian Down Fill in Swiss Batiste shell


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SPA – Hungarian Goose Down Comforter

This patented Hungarian goose down comforter is one of the lightest and loftiest comforters on the market! The 366 super fine Swiss Batiste shell is of a fine quality which will keep the lightness of the comforter. The patented Diagon Diamond Design of our comforters allows the down to loft to its fullest – light and lofty.  These comforters can be found in hotels and spas such as the Chiltern Firehouse in London and Miraval Spa outside Tucson.

a. King Size Down Comforter

King size is 108″ x 92″. Filled with 46 oz of 700 fill power Hungarian Down. $1999

b. Queen Size Down Comforter

Queen size is 92″ x 92″. Filled with 39 oz of 700 fill power of Hungarian Down. $1826

c. Best Down Comforter

An investment in a down comforter is not to be taken lightly! One will spend about 1/3 of their life sleeping with it. When taken care of,  they will last 20 years and beyond! Chose what is the most comfortable for YOU.

Price shouldn’t be a factor, since over a period of say 20 years – 365 nights a year = 7300 nights.. if one spends $1000 for a comforter that is about 13 cents a night or 1.6 cents an hour to sleep in lofty luxury!

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