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Hungarian Goose Down Pillows

Quality hungarian goose down pillows will adjust well to the shape of the head and neck of the sleeper! Down will compress and spring back while providing support. The higher the quality of down the more resilience – while feeling luxurious!

These white goose down pillows can be machine washed and machine dried, making sure they are thoroughly dried with no clumps of down left. The pillow will fluff right back up after drying!

a. Hungarian Queen Size Pillow

Hungarian Goose Down Pillows are one of the lightest and loftiest pillows on the market! This goose down pillow is a queen size pillow 20″ x 30″ that has a 366 super fine Swiss Batiste shell filled with 19 oz 700 fill power Hungarian Down. This pillow comes only in Queen size. Light and lofty! s 

The 366 super fine Swiss Batiste shell is of a fine quality which will keep the lightness of the pillow.

Pillows can last a very long time 10 to 20 years. Since they are machine washable and machine dryable they can always stay clean. If you spend $300 on a pillow and have it for only 10 years that is 10 x 365 = 3650 luxurious nights!  So $300 divided by 3650 is only 8 cents a night!

Don’t forget to add a pillow protector on this pillow to keep the soft feel. Order the Swiss Batiste Protector. If a lower quality protector is used the soft feel with be lost.  King pillow protector $69, Standard/Queen pillow protector: $67

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