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"The bed is a bag of marshmallows with sheets made out of butter. Never in my life have I been in a bed that made me feel more comfortable, nurtured and yummy."
Carol S, Wood River, IllinoisA guest who stayed at Miraval Resort and Spa in Tuscan, AZ
I suffer from Fibromyalgia and was at Miraval Spa in Austin, as a treat from My friends, to help me with my illness and Cancer diagnosis. When I slept in their bed and with your comforter, I had not slept like That in probably 5 years, the absolute truth. I started doing research and found your place on line, I knew I had to try to find a way to have that comforter. Sleep does not come easy for me, but i’m convinced your comforter and me were meant to be together.
-Elena Vella from Canada
Recently my 10-year old son was gifted a travel comforter from Down to Basics. He absolutely loves it! When we go on any trips, it is one of the first items he packs. He loves it so much that I walked in on his demonstrating the ease and versatility of it to his cousins. He folded the comforter into the standard pillow and then the travel pillow size without my instruction. When I peak in on him sleeping, he always has it snuggled under his arm. He loved it so much I then purchased one for my other son. He loves it too and sleeps with it always.
-Jane S from NJ
GREAT EXPERIENCE FOR A CANCER PATIENT! "I was recently privileged with an opportunity to give a newly diagnosed cancer patient your blanket and it was a great experience to see their smile, joy and appreciation of such a thoughtful and tangible act of care. Seeing their happiness was an amazing experience for me.  I send my gratitude to you for your generosity and providing such a wonderful product that gives comfort to one who is in discomfort."
Volunteer Young Adults with Cancer Program
ONE OF THE GREATEST AMENITIES! "I cannot tell you how much our patients continually adore the pillow and sham you provide to us. Susan, your pillows are one of our greatest amenities."
Nationally recognized hospital in Palo Alto, CA
26 YEARS OF LUXURIOUS SLEEP! "...I’ve been a fan of [Down to Basics] for years but also of your down duvets, the first of which I bought 26 years ago— think of it! 26 years of luxurious, irresistible sleep on the coldest nights— and a down “blanket” all the other unpredictable New Jersey nights. London embraces you, we ALL do– no need for “sleep labs” if you know ” Down to Basics....!!!" 
Meredyth Armitage, happy customer
THE QUALITY IS SIMPLY UNSURPASSED! "I have been a huge fan of your super light Siberian goose down diagon comforter purchased some years ago! The comforter is still like new and I thoroughly enjoy the 'lofty' light coziness it envelops me in at night. The quality of this product is simply unsurpassed! My needs have since expanded and I find myself purchasing a second such comforter – these are simply the best of the best comforters by far on the market and well worth the investment."
Verified New York Customer
ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! "We just spent the most luxurious weekend at the Charles Hotel in Boston, MA on your featherbeds and pillows. The featherbeds were amazing and I was able to find out what kind it was. The options on the pillows are numerous. They were absolutely WONDERFUL!!"
Stephanie P. customer from the Charles Hotel

Long-Term Care


For everyday care of your down comforters and down pillows, just shake it out to get the air into the down.

These products can be washed in a large enough vat to comfortably hold the product. If it is a large comforter, a commercial washing machine and dryer will work best. wash with warm water and your favorite detergent. Dry very thoroughly in a hot dryer. Periodically rearrange product to be sure it is drying evenly. Heavy drying balls will help to break up the damp clumps. Depending on the dryer, it may take 1-2 hours to dry. Make sure there are no damp areas left and your down item will be lofty again. If you have any questions, please call us at Down to Basics – (800) 822-2135.

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