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Susan Fowler’s Down to Basics is committed to providing the very best in comfort bedding. We believe a good night sleep is a BASIC necessity to one’s well being! We invite you to nestle into our clouds of heavenly comfort with our luxurious down comforters, pillows, linens and gifts. For over 28 years, Susan Fowler has provided the best in  bedding for individuals, hotels, spas and hospitals in USA and abroad! Our Patented Diagon comforters are the loftiest available! Experience a 5-star hotel and resorts experience right in your own home!

All our made in America Down Pillows and Down Comforters are made of the highest quality Siberian, Hungarian and white goose down  Since one spends an average of 8 hours a night, 365 nights a year and these comforters last 10 to 20 years – that’s pennies a night to get the best night sleep possible !

Why a Down Pillow or a Down Comforter

A GREAT LONG-TERM INVESTMENT: A typical down comforter and pillow can last over 10-20 years. They are known to have longevity. They are machine washable and the down will fluff back up after drying. In light of how long these pillows can last it is a great investment and a responsible investment that comes out to only pennies a night!
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REGULATES BODY TEMPERATURE: Downs are considered nature's best insulator offering warmth without too much weight on your body or causing heat under the covers. Hence, it has a very good ability to help regulate your body temperature so you are not waking up to throw off the covers. This makes it very capable of lasting you through the winter and also keeping you cool and comfortable in the summer months.
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NO STRAIN ON MUSCLES: While other synthetic products can push against the body, down pillows are malleable enough to cause less strain on your muscles since they wrap themselves better around your head and neck for a good night's sleep. Similarly, the lightness of the comforter rests light over your body.
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HYPOALLERGENIC STANDARD: The breathable nature of down which allows it to keep out moisture, also in turn, prevents other elements like dust mites from accumulating. Since it can lock-out all those foreign elements, it ends up creating a better sleep experience for sleepers prone to such allergy or asthma sufferers.
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BREATHABILITY: Whether it is a down pillow or a down comforter, the airy lightness of the down will prevent moisture or sweat from accumulating under the covers, which otherwise can make you feel sticky. The lightness of the down will keep out the cold while also allowing the comforter to breathe for a better sleep.
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Down Pillows and Down Comforters

Featured in Industry Magazine

We’re proud to share our story with Industry Magazine – from how Susan got her start in the industry to what inspires her every day to insure everyone can sleep in luxury for pennies a night. Read more on how one great night’s sleep in Europe inspired this Red Bank Entrepreneur to rethink the way Americans sleep or slumber.

Down to Basics Testimonials

Recently my 10-year old son was gifted a travel comforter from Down to Basics. He absolutely loves it! When we go on any trips, it is one of the first items he packs. He loves it so much that I walked in on his demonstrating the ease and versatility of it to his cousins. He folded the comforter into the standard pillow and then the travel pillow size without my instruction. When I peak in on him sleeping, he always has it snuggled under his arm. He loved it so much I then purchased one for my other son. He loves it too and sleeps with it always.
-Jane S from NJ
GREAT EXPERIENCE FOR A CANCER PATIENT! "I was recently privileged with an opportunity to give a newly diagnosed cancer patient your blanket and it was a great experience to see their smile, joy and appreciation of such a thoughtful and tangible act of care. Seeing their happiness was an amazing experience for me.  I send my gratitude to you for your generosity and providing such a wonderful product that gives comfort to one who is in discomfort."
Volunteer Young Adults with Cancer Program
ONE OF THE GREATEST AMENITIES! "I cannot tell you how much our patients continually adore the pillow and sham you provide to us. Susan, your pillows are one of our greatest amenities."
Nationally recognized hospital in Palo Alto, CA
26 YEARS OF LUXURIOUS SLEEP! "...I’ve been a fan of [Down to Basics] for years but also of your down duvets, the first of which I bought 26 years ago— think of it! 26 years of luxurious, irresistible sleep on the coldest nights— and a down “blanket” all the other unpredictable New Jersey nights. London embraces you, we ALL do– no need for “sleep labs” if you know ” Down to Basics....!!!" 
Meredyth Armitage, happy customer
THE QUALITY IS SIMPLY UNSURPASSED! "I have been a huge fan of your super light Siberian goose down diagon comforter purchased some years ago! The comforter is still like new and I thoroughly enjoy the 'lofty' light coziness it envelops me in at night. The quality of this product is simply unsurpassed! My needs have since expanded and I find myself purchasing a second such comforter – these are simply the best of the best comforters by far on the market and well worth the investment."
Verified New York Customer
ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! "We just spent the most luxurious weekend at the Charles Hotel in Boston, MA on your featherbeds and pillows. The featherbeds were amazing and I was able to find out what kind it was. The options on the pillows are numerous. They were absolutely WONDERFUL!!"
Stephanie P. customer from the Charles Hotel
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