All About Goose Down

All About Goose Down

All About Goose Down

At Down to Basics, we’ve spent over 30 years delivering more comfortable sleep to people all over the world with our high-quality goose down comforters and pillows. The entire Down to Basics team is passionate about customer service and providing great products at unbeatable prices.

In this article, you’ll find information relating to the various types of ethically sourced down filling we use across our product line. We hope this will help you make more informed decisions as you search for the right addition to your home.

Why Goose Down? What Is It?

Understandably, first-time down buyers have a few questions before investing in more a comfortable and luxurious sleeping experience. Is it just feathers from geese? How is it obtained? Is it better than synthetic alternatives? We hope we can help demystify the selection process for you.

First, goose down is not the same as the feathers one sees when looking at geese. Down refers to a lighter layer of feathers below the outer layer which act as insulation for various water birds. The shape of each individual down feather resembles a dandelion bloom, and this shape is critical to their insulating power. Down helps trap heat close to the birds’ skin, which warms them as they fish in chilly water. Down feathers are light and springy, meaning they provide gentle, reliable support without adding unwanted pressure (unlike synthetic fillers, which some people can find uncomfortable).

Many people are concerned about the ethics of harvesting goose down. At Down to Basics, we pride ourselves on ethically-sourced down from geese which are not force-fed or live-plucked. Natural goose down is superior in quality to synthetic alternatives because it is lighter and warmer, with the added benefit of supportive power that evolves with each user.

Different Types of Down and Their Fill Power

Goose down comes in a variety of types and fills, which can be best understood on a hierarchy of quality. In general, down of higher quality has a higher fill power, which is measured by how many cubic inches of volume 30 grams (about one ounce) of down can fill. This creates the fluffy, cozy feeling down lovers think of when they imagine the best pillows and comforters on the market today. Read below to learn more about the different types of natural down filling we use at Down to Basics.

1. Siberian Down

Siberian Goose down is widely considered to be the highest-quality down one can buy. The individual feathers are the largest among those used in down-filled products today. Siberian goose down boasts an 800+ fill power, making it the lightest and loftiest fill material on the market.

Our “Palm Beach” Siberian Down Comforters are the pinnacle of luxury, and you can select the right pattern for the season and your own needs. These comforters have an internal box construction that keeps down filling evenly distributed and ensures comforter coziness from corner to corner.

Our Siberian Down Pillows are an excellent companion to the comforters we offer. Over time, these will adjust their shape to your preferred sleeping position and will remain supportive throughout their lives, even after washing.

2. Hungarian Down

Hungarian Goose down ranks just below Siberian down in terms of fill power (650+) and is a more affordable option for those looking for premium down from the coldest weather-dwelling birds.

Like all our down comforters, our “Spa” Hungarian Down Comforters can be chosen by pattern. The three patterns (Winter Diagon®, All-Year Diagon®, and Baffle Box) refer to the type of stitching used and the season(s) in which they are most effective.

3. White European Down

White Goose down or European goose down refers to down that typically comes from Hungary and Poland, though it can be mixed with feathers from other European down-producing regions. White European down comes in smaller clusters than its more premium counterparts, and we only use the best of each batch in our comforters and pillows.

We offer two kinds of comforters using White European down: the better-quality “Aspen” comforter, which comes in both the All-Year Diagon® and Winter Diagon® patterns, and the basic European down comforter, which only comes in the Baffle Box pattern.

4. Feathers

Because goose feathers have quills, they are most often used as filling in couch pillows and furniture. These are the birds’ flight feathers and are not very insulated, which is why they don’t see much use in comforters or bed pillows.

We sell featherbeds in a range of sizes that you can purchase to make your old mattress feel new again. They are made using 95% feathers and 5% down, with a protective layer of batting to keep the quills away from you.

Buy Your Next Down Pillow or Comforter from Down to Basics

At Down to Basics, we know an investment in better sleep is not to be taken lightly. For a place we spend one-third of our lives, we expect our comforters and pillows to be reliably cozy and effectively temperature-controlled. This is why we use only the highest-quality Siberian, Hungarian, and White Goose down in our products.

This is also why we’ve partnered with several luxury resorts across the United States: we believe people should have access to exceptional comfort whether they are home or away.

Start learning today about how you can spend only pennies a night to dramatically improve your sleeping experience. Our comforters and pillows will exceed your expectations, and make your bed a place you look forward to every day. You can call us at 732-741-6800 or 800-822-2135 and we will be happy to answer all of your questions or requests.

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