The Benefits of Down Comforters and Down Pillows

The Benefits of Down Comforters and Down Pillows

The Benefits of Down Comforters and Down Pillows

Here at Down To Basics, we’ve been providing luxurious, lofty down comforters and down pillows to people across the country–and even the world–for decades. Our products are found in high-end hotels, taken on long flights, and given as gifts to loved ones.

Why A Down Comforter Or Down Pillow?

But sometimes people wonder why: What exactly, are the benefits of down? What makes down bedding so special, and why should invest extra money in a down comforter or down pillow?

In this article, the bedding experts at Down To Basics are going to look at some of the benefits of down comforters and down pillows, and why, when it comes to getting a good sleep and feeling your best, the value is a no-brainer in the long run.

Comfort: Down Pillows and Down Comforters Are Breathable and Light

Whether it is a down pillow or a down comforter, the airy lightness of the down will prevent moisture or sweat from accumulating under the covers, which otherwise can make you feel sticky. The lightness of the down will keep out the cold while also allowing the comforter to breathe for a better sleep.

Health: The Hypoallergenic Standard

The breathable nature of down which allows it to keep out moisture, also in turn, prevents other elements like dust mites from accumulating. Since it can lock-out all those foreign elements, it ends up creating a better sleep experience for sleepers prone to such allergy or asthma sufferers.

Lightness: Down Causes No Strain on Muscles

While other synthetic products can push against the body, down pillows are malleable enough to cause less strain on your muscles since they wrap themselves better around your head and neck for a good night’s sleep. Similarly, the lightness of the comforter rests light over your body.

For a super-light down comforter that you can use all year, check out our Siberian Goose Down “Palm Beach” design.

Warmth & Staying Cool: Down Can Help Regulate Body Temperature

Downs are considered nature’s best insulator offering warmth without too much weight on your body or causing heat under the covers. Hence, it has a very good ability to help regulate your body temperature so you are not waking up to throw off the covers. This makes it very capable of lasting you through the winter and also keeping you cool and comfortable in the summer months.

Value: Despite The Price, Down Comforters and Pillows Are A Great Long-Term Investment

Last, but certainly not least, is value. If you think about it, a typical down comforter and pillow can last over 10-20 years. These high-quality products are known to have longevity–unlike a lot of stuff you buy these days, which need to be replaced every few months.

In addition, they are machine washable and the down will fluff back up after drying (read our full care instructions). In light of how long these pillows can last, high-quality down comforters and pillows are a great investment, as well as a responsible one that comes out to only pennies a night! (And for the price conscious, check out our specials and clearance items.)

Ready To Get A Great Night’s Sleep?

Here at Down To Basics, we have down comforters and down pillows in a wide range of prices and styles, as well as the most luxurious and beautiful bed linens, featherbeds, and travel comforters. Shop around our site and see what you like!

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